COVID-19 Pandemic and Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy diet is of the utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since what we are consuming can modify the ability of our body to prevent and fight infections as well as a greater recovery.  As we well know, no food or nutritional supplement can prevent and / or cure COVID-19. Eating a

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The importance of a multidisciplinary team after surgery

For a surgeon, obesity surgery  usually represents the cornerstone of the treatment of this disease. From our point of view "it only provides a new beginning" to many patients who are at a dead end, without the possibility of seeing an answer to their needs and sometimes, with worsening diseases that are related to

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Importance of nutrition before and after surgery

Many questions arise before and after surgery, one of them has to do with nutrition, because knowing how to choose the foods to consume before and after one of these procedures can be the key to having a good recovery. In both cases, the body needs a lot of energy due to the stress

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Guadalupe Bayardi one more case of success

More and more people are able to control health problems with IMAGINE by Feat Nutrición, in addition to seeing results in their image and quality of life, on this occasion a prominent businesswoman from Puerto Vallarta shared with us the results of being treated by health professionals.  María Guadalupe Bayardi González is a well-known

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