When can we start?

Currently there are different training methods and practices, however analyzing physical aspects is the basis for an effective and healthy result.

At present, physical activity is considered an important factor for a healthy life, since it improves the physical condition and resistance of a person and there are several benefits in the lifestyle.

A physical evaluation beforehand refers to a series of tests and assessments that determine abilities and skills, which will be a great marker and guide for us as coaches.

Planning a training program starts with the ABCD 

  1. A medical evaluation (health and family history, pathologies, stress tests, laboratory tests)
  2. Nutritional and food assessment.
  3. Anthropometric assessment
  4. Physical tests and abilities

These 4 pillars will be part of a multidisciplinary plan which will allow us to identify the client’s needs and contribute to a work with clear objectives and real results.

When seeking advice from a professional to start a training program, you have an objective in mind, the initial evaluation is the first step to achieve that goal since this way you take the correct direction during physical conditioning, training and in the same way in the food planning that is fundamental.

Do you want to hear the big news?

It is that all effort is well rewarded.

Exercising has a positive impact on many areas of your life (without you realizing it) your job will only be to focus on building a new habit and the benefits will fall from the sky.