More and more people are able to control health problems with IMAGINE by Feat Nutrición, in addition to seeing results in their image and quality of life, on this occasion a prominent businesswoman from Puerto Vallarta shared with us the results of being treated by health professionals. 

María Guadalupe Bayardi González is a well-known businesswoman in Puerto Vallarta, who without any particular interest and in order to make general knowledge about “chronic thyroiditis” or “Hashimoto’s disease” and her complex issue of overweight gave us an interesting interview , in which we managed to understand the subject and the interesting way that IMAGINE by feat nutrition is achieving in dozens of people in Puerto Vallarta.

Lupita Could you tell us about your health problems? And what have you experienced with it and how do you decide to take IMAGINE by feat nutrition as an option?

“My disease is called Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, it is a type of hypothyroidism, a thyroid disease; that you create antibodies against yourself, so when they discovered it to me that it was about 10 years ago and by the way it took me a long time to know that I had it because I did not go to the doctor, I assumed that the symptoms were because I had stopped smoking, age and well, it turned out not, because I already had this disease and I gained about 15 kilos, they began to control me half and I lost some kilos of weight; Then I tried alternative medicine but I couldn’t even control my weight that was when I came to IMAGINE by feat nutrition. First they controlled the problem and then they helped me lose weight and make the process easier, because in theory this disease is so complicated that it is almost impossible for you to lose weight.

In addition to being overweight, what does this disease cause you the most?

“A lot of things, your hair falls out, your nails fall out, you have a dry mouth and rough skin, it makes you very tired“ I thought that feat and his team could not help me control my weight but it was a big surprise. I managed to lose 7 extra kilos, besides that my hypothyroidism improved a lot. This disease is not curable; but if controllable. 

Would you recommend Feat and the team?

I highly recommend it to all people because it is very healthy and comprehensive. I am very grateful, it improves your quality of life. 

The best team of professionals specialized in the comprehensive treatment of diseases that are a reality in our times. Where health is the priority issue .