Eating a healthy diet is of the utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since what we are consuming can modify the ability of our body to prevent and fight infections as well as a greater recovery. 

As we well know, no food or nutritional supplement can prevent and / or cure COVID-19. Eating a healthy diet is important to maintain the correct state and function of the immune system. In addition, proper nutrition prevents the likelihood of other conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

Tips for healthy eating:

1 Reduce your salt intake. 

  • The daily recommendation is to consume 5gr (equivalent to one teaspoon)
  • Check nutritional labels on foods and choose products with the lowest sodium content. 
  • When cooking, only use what is necessary to flavor your dishes. 

2 Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day
  • Use some fruit as snacks 

3 Eat a good source of protein

  • Choose lean meat 
  • You can create a protein of high biological value by combining a cereal and a legume (Example: a bean taco)
  • Protein consumption is important to maintain healthy skin and muscles. 

4 Limit sugar intake 

  • Limit sugary drinks, candy, energy drinks, soft drinks, flavored waters. 

5 Maintain adequate hydration.

  • It will help our body to be in harmony and function properly.