Overweight and obesity is caused by multiple factors, including biological, genetic, environmental, nutritional issues, and above all, the lack of physical activity of the people who suffer from it. It is a problem that must be addressed from a multifactorial perspective.

The rapid increase in obesity rates has been attributed to recent changes that have led, on the one hand, to modifications in lifestyle with different eating habits and a progressive decrease in physical activity, and on the other, to the increase in the availability of food. particularly those with a high calorie content like processed foods, sodas and other sugary drinks.

Causes of overweight and obesity

a) Genetic factors and metabolic disorders

b) Excessive and incorrect diet associated with lack of exercise (low energy expenditure) and sedentary lifestyle

c) Binge eating or compulsive eaters

d) Slow metabolism

e) Psychological factors: sadness and anxiety lead to the uncontrolled intake of foods that promote overweight, most of the time because they contain tryptophan, related to serotonin or “hormone of happiness”

f) Increased blood glucose

e) Low thyroid function

Consequences of overweight and obesity

a) Prediabetes and diabetes

b) Cerebral and cardiac infarcts

c) Pulmonary diseases

d) Fatty liver

e) Gastroesophageal reflux

f) High blood pressure

g) Cancer.

h) Gout

i) Infertility

j ) Gallbladder problems

Personalized treatments Treatment

options range from a well-organized and individualized diet for the patient. Treatment with dietary supplements made from protein may also be offered and, depending on the case, treatment with bariatric surgery may be offered. Treatments must always also be individualized.